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Do you remember those days as a youngster??? Well...then are you ready to have some fun? Yes...that's right, FUN! You're probably thinking, "When is working out ever fun?" Honestly...with Adam's always fun!

"Before I forget, I am giving a free first session to anyone that's interested in knowing if this program is for you...however, I will be completely honest and say that if you don't like to have fun, this is not for you!"

Have you ever wanted to find a way to have fun while you workout and get in shape? Can we all agree that "recess" was the best part of school growing up? How come we have all gotten so lazy to go play outside like we used to?

After 14 years of Personal Training, even Adam agrees that the old school gym workouts can become boring and monotonous, eventually making it practically impossible to motivate yourself to workout. Hey, he's only human too! However, he does understand what it takes to live healthier at any age!

Come meet Adam Freeman and his friends at "Recess" for a VERY inexpensive price (Starting at $15). Adam has designed fun and exciting routines for all levels of fitness, so bring your whole family out to play. Never worked out before??? No worries...RECESS is literally for EVERYONE!

When and where do we play at Recess?'re gonna absolutely love this part. We play before work or you can catch up with us after work. You will find Adam and his friends playing at a wide variety of locations throughout Wilmington.

- Have you ever wanted to start your day with an uplifting workout on the beach while witnessing a beautiful sunrise? Talk about starting the day off on the right foot!

- How about spicing up your "Loop" run/walk with a million different fun workouts designed specifically for the "Loop." You'll never do the same workout twice in a row.

- The locations we play at are endless, ranging from the sand in between your toes to some gorgeous, scenic spots downtown. (If you have an idea for a fun or beautiful location, we all welcome new ideas)

Recess is designed to not only make your routines fun and allow you to enjoy a different view at the same time, the progressively challenging and exciting workouts will get you the results you have been looking for. Adam is a firm believer in variety, therefore your exercise routines will be constantly changing and evolving to ensure continual progress. All the routines can be modified based on your level of fitness, so Adam can simply make the exercise easier or harder with no judgement at all.

If you've been looking for the right personal trainer who is not only experienced, but doesn't charge you an arm and a leg for you to get fit, then we would love for you to come out and play.

Want to try a free workout? No Problem! Just Call Me :)


I Guarantee we will ALL have a fun time!

Check out the results of some of my happy recess friends by clicking here: Testimonials

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